1 Way to Stay on Target & Motivated in your Training.

How do you stay on target and motivated in your dance training?

I love scheduling.

I’m a list maker so scheduling (and checking off that to do list) is in my nature. So one way I stay on track and motivated is scheduling my training. I do it every Sunday night for the following week.

Scheduling and setting my weekly goals gives me clarity, keeps me on track, and I love seeing my progress! Plus I don’t have to think about what I need to do or when because I’ve already set it (and I don’t have time to talk myself out of it 😋) .

This is my 9th week returning to my dance training. I hadn’t danced in 4 years! What’s been so motivating is seeing my progress from week to week.

Week 1 I could barely push out an hour a day. Now I’m up to 6 hours and returned to pointe work 🩰 2 weeks ago.

There’s def. been some ups and downs and discouraging thoughts. Even some tears shed and some doubts…And sometimes I don’t hit all that’s on my schedule, but seeing the progress I make (no matter how small) keeps me encouraged to keep going and keep moving forward.

So plan out your training! And watch your progress!


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