Beachbody’s Fixate Recipe Goji Berry Chocolate

Lovin’ these healthy chocolate treats from Beachbody’s Fixate Recipes. They are easy to make, damn good tasting, and a healthier sweet to eat.

With my husbands’ allergies (due to his Lyme’s disease), I adapt the recipe by substituting the almonds called for with sunflower seeds

Tip:  I do allow the chocolate mixture to sit on the counter top to cool down and firm up enough to spoon out into nice shapes (and my small melon scooper is perfect for this). By doing this I found I can actually get 20-25 treats out of the recipe and not just 18! More to share (or enjoy!)

Tip: To reduce sugar and calories, substitute part or all the chocolate chips with “no sugar added” Lilly’s chocolate chips.

Love the option of the sprinkled cayenne on top,  AND I have added sprinkling the top with unsweetened organic coconut flakes! Mmm Mmm Good.

This is a snack staple I make weekly!!


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