What is a SPB?

A SPB is a woman who lives authentically and with a purpose.

She is unapologetically herself, choosing to live an extraordinary life.

She takes charge of her life, living with intention and by design.

She pursues her purpose and builds her legacy.

A SPB is a woman who lives fiercely, and passionately protects all that is important to her:

Her health, home, loved ones, dreams and goals, her time, her legacy

She is wise, watchful and discerning and is not afraid to say “No” to protect her boundaries.

She rids her life of time wasters, nay-sayers, victim players, and anything that distracts her from her purpose.

A SPB loves with loyalty and devotion and leads with that love.

She is not ill-mannered, rude, or self-centered. No, she is a true leader who generously loves and serves for the greater good of her pack.

A SPB defends and fights for her pack…

And because she lives her life to the fullest, she desires to see others do the same.

When I was younger, I had a sweater monogrammed
with the letters “SPB”…

A friend of mine asked what they stood for (not knowing my middle name – which started with a B). When I told her they were my initials, she laughed and said, “No”, it means ‘Super Powered Bitch'”! We both had a good laugh.

But for some reason that always stuck with me, and the accurate description.

See, I have always been a fighter. First for my own survival in protecting myself as a child from sexual/physical abuse and abandonment. From physically and mentally abusive relationships. From loss of a child. From depression, anxiety, and disease.

From others who tried to box me in, discourage my dreams, instill fear into my heart and mind. From my own lack of self worth and self-esteem.

I had to fight (sometimes aggressively and other times with a quiet prayer) my way out of pain and into hope and a future.

Later, as an adult, I turned my fight from personal survival to protecting my family, the people I love, and the causes I support.

And now as a SPB, I fight to encourage and empower women to live their lives fully- beyond mere potential and into what’s possible. Everything is possible.

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