Why coach with me?

Here’s the truth.

There is so much confusing and contradictory information out there around improving your life many don’t know what to believe or where to begin.

And let’s be honest.

You can search everywhere on social media for self-help motivation and “how-tos”, but if you’re anything like me, it all begins to sound trite and cliché, and really doesn’t produce the results you need.

The long-lasting results that make a difference beyond the 2 minute scroll.

It can just seem easier to throw your hands up in the air and say, “Forget it.”

I Know, I’ve Been There

That’s why on the journey of transforming my life (when I truly got serious and stopped making excuses), I invested in the best coaching that helped me produce my breakthroughs.

Then, I invested into becoming multi-certified coach and developing my unique Leading Lady Solutions programs, so I could help you breakthrough, as I did, and live the life you desire.

Why I care

I’ve seen too many people – even within my own family – that lived what I call an “unlived life”.

They had such possibility, talent, and smarts, but fear, drugs, alcohol, depression, and disease (from unhealthy lifestyle choices) ended up destroying their lives and destroying all that could have been possible for them.

When faced with the truth, they either gave up, wouldn’t listen, or didn’t have the support they needed to break free from the physical or mental bondage that was holding them back, and this bondage was then passed down onto the next generation.

Not only did this sadden me, it pissed me off!

No one wants to live an unlived life. No one was born to live an unlived life!

And no one wants to pass the pain onto the next generations.

So, I became angry enough to do something about it. I decided if I could help it, I would never again see anyone live an unlived life. I would see them heal, live fully in their power, and change the path for the following generations.

I’m Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

I’m intense, passionate, determined, and want to see you succeed! Why?
Because your future and the future of the next generations are depending on you!

And while I can be a bit goofy, if you want empty Woo Woo, Rah Rah, Happy-Dappy BS that only feels good in the moment, I’m not for you. But, if you want caring, smart, straightforward, and practical solutions because you want (and I believe deserve) real breakthroughs and lasting results, then I’m your girl.

  • No more confusion on what to do to improve, grow, or transform your life and health for the better.
  • No more daily battles trying to push past the fear, excuses, procrastination, and overwhelm.
  • No more nights of tossing and turning in bed at night wishing for things to be different.

No more feeling alone on your journey.

My approach is to help you understand what you want, why you want it, and then give you tools and strategies to help you close the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

I will help you transform your life because I believe in your ability to choose and control your destiny.

Let me ask you a question

Are you the same today as you were 10 years ago? 5 years ago? Even 1 year ago? Consider your life, your health, your relationships, your work. They’ve changed, right? In one way or another.

The truth is we don’t stay the same. We’re different people than we were before and we’ll continue to change.

Wouldn’t you like to determine HOW you’re going to change?

Don’t you want to create who you’re going to be rather than be created?

If you know you’re going to be a different person in the future, don’t you want to have some input on who you’ll become? How you’ll feel, what your relationships, your health, your success, your life will look like?

So, here’s the thing, if you don’t intentionally decide (that means cutting off all other options) to create who you’ll be, you’ll be created. Created by the stories of your past, by other’s demands, and by all the “shoulds” imposed on you.

But you can decide who you’ll be in the future.

And your future self has to be created today.

It’s all about creating who you want to be in the future, right now. If you wait for that ever elusive “one day”, your future will be created for you.

Your future, and who you want to be, depends on you showing up for yourself today!

So, If you’re committed and decisive about transforming your life and living a well-lived life, that you create, then join the Leading Ladies Academy!

The journey to healing is a solitary journey
But it can’t be done alone

The Leading Ladies Academy

As a member of my Leading Ladies Academy, you don’t just get access to one program, but to all my online programs for as long as you’re enrolled. Why? I like to keep things simple. Plus, I truly want to share everything I can with you to empower you to thrive in every area of your life!

You’ll also be the first to know of special events, trainings, and new programs that are released!

Coming Soon!

Currently, we are only running my Leading Lady Experience which is an in-person, year-long program. But, we plan to open up our online programs in the near future. Make sure to get on our waitlist to be the first to be notified!

Choose the membership that’s right for you.

It all begins with the decision you make today. You can decide, at this moment, who you want to be.

Doors open soon!

Make sure to sign up on our waitlist to be notified when
the doors swing open!



Working with a Professional Makes All the Difference


Personal Experience: went from an Extra to Leading Lady

Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention Coaching

The Modern Life Coach School

Institute Transformational Nutrition

Nourishing Traditional Diets

Movement In Practice Academy

Muti-Certified in Dance/Fitness/Yoga

Radical Mentoring/Known Collective

Full Focused Certified Pro

Women’s Life and Health Strategist, Fitness and Therapeutic Dance Coach

Performing Arts

Professional actress/dancer with over 30 years in the business

Performed in NY, LA and toured throughout The US

Produced, written, directed and performed my one-woman show, Restrained No More

Written, directed and performed my one-woman stage show, Life in Progress

Artistic Director/Owner Studio Sharise Creative & Performing Arts Academy

Director for SPB Media Entertainment Group

Director for SPB & Company & SPBTV

Coach and Strategist to women creatives and performers


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