Kefir Bread

This is a simple, yet super tasty and hearty bread. Topped with a drizzle of honey makes for a sweet treat. When I first made it, hubby asked for another piece right away, saying, “It’s like liquid candy.” Great also topped with yogurt cheese or warmed with a pat of butter. The overnight soaking in […]

Get Fit the Primitive Way

If you need some variety in your work out, go primitive. Our ancestors were fit without any fancy equipment. They moved in a way that supported their lives, gave them the strength and mobility they needed to survive and thrive. Here’s a sneak peak of some exercises from my Wise & Wild Warrior – Primitive […]

When the Sh*t Hits The Fan

This is going to get a bit personal, but as many of us are in the same boat, maybe sharing my story can be of some benefit. Side note: I know this post’s picture is a bit on the humorous side, but when things get heavy, sometimes we need a good laugh. So, let’s get […]

One Big Fat Lie

Over forty years of low-fat diets: a ‘failed experiment’ Recent research suggests that eating a low-fat/high-carbohydrate diet—which Americans were advised to do for about 40 years—is not a good idea. But Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health nutrition expert David Ludwig says that the low-fat diet remains “deeply embedded in public consciousness and food policy.” In […]

From Hood To Homestead

We closed! So excited. We’ve been camping out for a year in an apartment waiting to find the right property. As soon as we saw it, hubby and I both said, “This is it!” 22 acres with a creek and pond. Horse stables and plenty of room for planting an orchard and fruits and veggies. […]

I Totally Didn’t Feel It Today!

I spent approximately 15 mins arguing with myself this morning whether to workout or not. I have a super busy day today and working out was not on the top of my list. I finally said, “Okay, just give it 10.”I decided to workout for just 10 mins and then if I wanted to stop, […]

Beautifying Breakfast Cereal

Another simple and delicious recipe from my Leading Lady Reset Cleanse. Tastes like I’m eating dessert for breakfast. For convenience, I prepare my nuts and seeds before bed (see below). So good, nutritious, and a great way to energize your morning. Prep: Soak sunflower seeds and sliced almonds overnight in enough filtered water to cover. […]

Those Last Few Pounds are a B*tch!

I was so frustrated! I was working out and kept having to adjust my workout pants so I wouldn’t share my “plumber’s butt” with everyone while doing squats. After my workout I went into the bathroom and realized why. My work out pants were too big! I hadn’t weighed myself in a couple of weeks […]


Before demonizing foods, let’s first question how they’re processed. There are so many diets out there, aren’t there? Telling you to avoid this food or that. Take dairy for instance. We went back to dairy after being dairy-free for 4 years. When my husband was diagnosed with Lyme disease and polyneuropathy, the doctor gave us […]

Share Globally and Act Locally

We get a lot of information on social media: some just to divide and some to just go along with the status quo. But some share information and different points of view in hopes of inspiring others to consider another perspective, do their own research, act on their own decisions, and then affect the world […]