I Ate Too Much!

Yesterday, I ate way too much.
Even though it was healthy, too much is still too much.

I was at lunch with a friend and wasn’t paying attention to what I was eating and was just mindlessly scarfing it down.

I had no energy
I was uncomfortable
I was bloated
I felt like crap.

I wasn’t listening to my body telling me, “Ok, I’m good, you can stop now”.

A friend told me once that on average, Americans eat 4 pounds of food a day. I couldn’t believe it, so I researched it.

It turns out its a little over 5 lbs!

Now we all have different nutritional needs, and foods have different weights, but I couldn’t help but wonder if it’s because we’re eating just to eat and not because our body needs it?

Here are some ways to listen to your body and tune in when you’ve had enough (and also a reminder to myself)

✅️ Eat nutrient dense foods
✅️ Chew thoroughly
✅️ Be mindful by enjoying every bite
✅️ Put your fork down between bites
✅️ Check in with yourself to see how you feel
✅️✅️ If you feel physically satisfied, stop.

And if after 30 mins., once you’ve given your body some time to digest, you feel hungry, have a healthy snack.

Eating should energize you, be pleasurable, and satisfy. It should make you feel good – and practicing mindful eating will let you walk away from the table saying,

“Damn, that was a good meal”

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