The Wise & Wild Way

You don’t have to feel helpless.
You don’t have to be overwhelmed.
You can be empowered, back in control, and strong enough to take back your health, your life, and your freedom.

Aren’t you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Yeah, I know you’ve heard that before. But aren’t you?

Seriously, do you have the health you need to take care of your family, follow your dreams, achieve your goals, and live the life you’ve imagined for yourself and your loved ones? Or are you spending each day barely getting through, “feeling your age”, having no energy, feeling stressed-out, depressed, anxious, overweight, and maybe stuffing yourself with cookies, chocolate, chips, and other crap that you know is destroying your health? And then every time you turn around and say, “I’m going to change”, you never really do – no matter how many diets you’ve tried?

Man, have I been there!

My Health Transformation

I suffered from depression and anxiety since childhood, which, throughout my adult life, lead me to many self-destructive decisions and behaviors. For one, I’d binge out on sugar and junk food until I was too stuffed to breathe. Then feeling like a complete loser because I couldn’t control myself, and I’d say to myself, “Tomorrow will be different.” But it never was. Maybe I was “good” for a few days, but when the stress hit, I hit the junk food and ended up right back where I was and feeling disgusted with myself. Can you relate? In order to “make-up” for my binges, I compulsively exercised, fasted, or downed handfuls of laxatives.

Although, my dancing and performing always kept me “in shape”, I was extremely unhealthy and soon after the birth of my third child, my eating patterns, lifestyle, and unresolved emotional pain finally caught up with me.

I became severely ill and weak. I was diagnosed with IBS and gallbladder disease. After several months of testing, I was also diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and was told to expect to be in a wheelchair.

I couldn’t believe it. I went from dancing everyday to being barely able to walk. I couldn’t even hold a hairbrush to brush my daughter’s hair. I was scared. I had always been a fighter, but I didn’t know how to fight this fight.

Not only was I physically sick but I also had debilitating anxiety, depression, and was diagnosed with OCD. I was in and out of the hospital so many times I could have had my own parking space that read “MVP – Most Valuable Patient”. I certainly helped keep the lights on.

I Had Been Slowly Destroying Myself...

It truly was one of the most frightening times of my life. I considered running away and living on the streets. I also strongly considered ending it all, because the pain was so great. Quite honestly, if it hadn’t been for my kiddos I probably wouldn’t be here today. They were the reason that kept me fighting.

As my symptoms grew worse, I tried various medications without help and after having too many doctors tell me that there wasn’t anything more they could do for me, I had to get honest with myself and admit the truth

I had been slowly destroying myself.

So, I decided to take back control. I made major changes and completely overhauled my diet and in 2 years’ time, I was able to restore my physical health back to peak performance.

But it wouldn’t be enough.

Physically I was on the right track, but because I hadn’t dealt with my emotions and the pain that I had been holding onto since childhood, those old demons would come back to haunt me.

I Couldn’t Run from the Pain

My health started spiraling downward again, the old habits resurfaced, and along with my body breaking down, my anxiety and depression came back with a vengeance. You see, because I hadn’t dealt with my emotional pain or faced old beliefs, I never truly got well. It felt like I was on borrowed time and I could no longer run from the pain.

And it was only when I faced the truth, and sought help, could I make the changes I needed to restore all of me – my body, mind, and spirit, and finally experience whole health and long-lasting transformation.

Real Health is Whole Health

I realized real health is whole health. It’s all interconnected. Like a three-legged stool – Body, Mind, Spirit – and if even one leg is out of balance, the whole thing could topple over.

Trying to regain physical health without addressing our mental, emotional, and spiritual environments is like a computer programmer looking only at the screen to diagnose computer problems – completely ignoring the hardware (our brain) and software (our mind, spirit, and emotions) of the computer.

It comes down to:
The Foods we Eat,
The Thoughts we Keep, and
the Emotional Patterns we Repeat.

It’s Time to Reclaim your Health

We’ve also outsourced our health, listening to experts tell us what we should or shouldn’t eat, and we’ve lost touch with our intuitive natures. We’ve spent our lives spinning on the diet merry-go-round. You know the one – going in circles from one diet to the next, looking for that magic answer to our food, weight, and health problems. We’ve denied our intuition and the the wisdom inside us and it’s time to now reclaim our Wise & Wild Ways.

The Wise & Wild Wellness Way

If you’re tired of spinning on that diet merry-go-round, it’s time to jump off because there’s a better way – the way to health freedom and liberation – and that’s my holistic health program The Wise & Wild Wellness Way. A program I developed to help you restore your health and wellbeing. It incorporates physical, mental, and spiritual wellness as whole health can only be achieved through addressing all three areas in your life.

Detox → Re-Nourish → Restore your Body, Mind, and Spirit

The Wise and Wild Wellness Way is a three pillar approach to holistic health. Whole health is addressing you as a whole person.

We are triune beings: physical, mental and spiritual. And while we work on restoring our physical health through nutrition, lifestyle changes, and exercise, we can’t ignore our mental and emotional states.

The Wise & Wild Wellness Way is not another weight loss program (like we need another one of those), it’s a free your life program!

It’s a program that restores your health and puts YOU back in control.

The Physical Pillar

All disease begins in the gut” – Hippocrates

Your health transformation begins with the GAPS Nutritional Protocol. Created by Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride, the GAPS Nutritional Protocol strengthens and restores your body, and brings all your systems, back into balance. You’ll prioritize traditional, ancestral foods that are healing and nourishing to your brain and body while eliminating foods that cause inflammation, food addictions, and trigger your health challenges. You’ll enjoy nutrient-dense foods that not only restore your physical health but will help stabilize emotions and relieve mental distress.

You’ll honor your body by feeding it the way it was designed to eat with nutritious and delicious meals that you create! No experience necessary!

Along with restoring a healthy way of eating, I’ll help you create a lifestyle and activity program that supports your healing and your new way of living. Our bodies were designed to move! Daily movement and exercise is proven to reduce the risks of heart disease and diabetes. On top of that, studies are showing that exercise is more effective in treating depression and anxiety than drugs that are commonly prescribed. The key is to start gradually and feed your body with movement you enjoy!

The Mental Pillar

Every physical symptom has an emotional component!

Your beliefs, the emotions you hold, and what you focus on day-to-day all has an impact not only on your mental health but your physical health, as well!

Many times when we work on detoxing and restoring our mental health, our physical health gladly follows (and vice versa – it truly is a two-way street).

With our mental health restored, we are open to new opportunities, new ways of thinking and living. We can find the joy around us and the calmness within us. We can discover our truest dreams and desires, recognize thinking patterns that hold us back, and finally create the life we love.

The Spiritual Pillar

It is said that the quality of your life and health is a reflection of the quality of your relationships.

This includes the connection and relationship you have with yourself, with those around you, with nature and your environment, and of course, with your Creator.

Restoring your relationships will help in restoring your life and health.

And when we learn to eat and live intuitively, we are open to uncovering and exploring our most authentic selves. We discover who we were created to truly be! And instead of turning to food or other crutches, we can discover what we’re really hungry for: a deep connection with ourselves, our loved ones, the world around us, and God.

Let’s Be Honest, Our Future Looks Bleak!

We are in Mental Health and Physical Health CRISIS! Did you know that out of 50 countries researched, the US was #49 on the list of healthiest nations? You’d think with how much money we spend on health care, we’d at least be in the top 10. But all you have to do is look around and see the crisis we’re in. The aggression and violence, the anxiety and depression, the drug use and suicide rates, and the obesity and chronic, debilitating diseases that run rapid through our society today – even amongst our children!

We have turned our personal sovereignty over to Big Food, Big Ag and Big Pharma, not to mention Big Gov who aligns themselves with these Big Corporations (it’s quite a Big symbiotic relationship). We traded in our personal responsibility and freedom for convenience and ease – and it’s cost us our health.

And if we continue down this path, our future, and that of our children’s, looks bleak.

Common Does Not Mean Normal

We are stressed out, over-worked, over-medicated, over-fed, and under-nourished – physically, spiritually, and mentally. And while ill-health is common, it’s not normal and you don’t have to live this way. You can have the energy, the health, and vitality you desire and deserve! But first, you have to take back your freedom!

Now’s the Time, But How??

There comes a point in people’s lives when they decide they want more. When they say, “Enough of this,” and decide to tackle their health issues. They want to feel good about themselves again, they want more for themselves and their families. That is a huge step for someone to take.

But one of the hardest things to do after making that decision is navigating all of the conflicting information when it comes to health, wellness, and overall life. It’s hard enough to try and break old habits and make change in your life, but sifting through tons of conflicting information just makes it even more overwhelming.

That’s where my Wise & Wild Wellness Way program comes in and eliminates the noise so you can get on the road to having whole health and living a life where you flourish.

You will be empowered with the information and strategies you need to begin to personally take responsibility and control over your own health and life.

Health, vitality, and freedom is your birthright, and now all you have to do is claim it.

So, if you’re ready to take back your personal power and control, come with me as we step onto the path of The Wise & Wild Wellness Way.

Program is offered through one-on-one, private consultations and group support through my Wellness Warrior Nutrition/GAPS group meetings.

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