The Wise & Wild Way

The Better Way to Health & Fitness

We have become so far removed from the wisdom of our ancestors.

Real food has been replaced with processed, chemical-laden fake foods that have caused a plethora of health problems including an increase in chronic disease and mental disorders.

Low-fat, high-carb diets have have failed us for over 50 years. Our SAD (Standard American Diet) has caused an increase in obesity (and accompanying diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and some cancers), even amongst our children.

And if we continue down this path, our future, and that of our children’s, looks bleak.

We are stressed out, over-worked, over-medicated, and under-nourished – physically, spiritually, and mentally.

And while obesity, depression, anxiety, and fatigue is common, it’s not normal and you don’t have to live this way.

The Way Mother Nature Intended

The Wise & Wild Way is designed to bring back a way of living as mother nature intended and our ancestors instinctively understood. And while we celebrate our technological advances, we honor our past and bring into our lives the wisdom of the ages.

My goal is to help you return to the wisdom of the past where your health and life can flourish.

Traditional Cooking

Within this program we will explore traditional ways of cooking. No experience needed and it’s never too late to start! I never thought I could learn how to cook, but at 53 I realized how easy and enjoyable it was to prepare foods that are nutritious and delicious.

You’ll learn to prepare and cook in traditional methods that will help restore your body and improve your digestion and nutrient absorption for increased health, wellness, and energy.

You’ll eat in a way that supports your mental wellbeing and stability.

Together, we’ll:

  • Create dishes you and your whole family will enjoy
  • Kick those sugar cravings
  • Bust through the modern-day myths to weight loss
  • Stop “dieting”, restricting types of foods, or counting calories. Instead, learn to eat intuitively, respecting and responding to your physical hunger and needs
  • Stop resenting what you eat
  • Maintain your ideal weight and health – all while eating foods that you enjoy eating and preparing
  • Find connection and appreciation for the foods you eat, the body you live in, and the life you live

A Nourishing Lifestyle

The Wise & Wild Way is not another diet (like we need another one of those), but a nourishing lifestyle that is sustainable and enjoyable. A way of life that supports your physical, mental and spiritual wellness.


We will also explore fitness though my Wise & Wild Warrior primitive movement classes. Our ancestors had none of the fancy equipment we have today, and yet were physically fit, flexible, strong, and vibrant throughout their lives. They understood movement was a simply a natural way of life.

My Wise & Wild Warrior classes are based on natural, functional movements that builds strength, mobility, and endurance, are challenging and fun.

And not only will you gain physical fitness, but you’ll gain mental resiliency and calmness of mind.


When we support our physical health, we can be open to new opportunities, new ways of thinking and living. We can find the joy around us and the calmness within us. We can discover our truest desires and dreams and recognize thinking patterns that hold us back.


When we learn to eat intuitively, we can uncover and explore our most authentic selves. And instead of turning to food to find connection, we can discover what we’re really hungry for: connection with ourselves, our loved ones, with nature, and God.

Live Fully

Our ancestors lived life fully. They were in tune with their bodies, minds, and spirits and we can be, too.

Freedom, health, and vitality is your birthright, and now all you have to do is claim it.

Take this journey with me as we step into The Wise & Wild Way.

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