Lights! Camera! Action!

“For my entire life, I have been trying to shrink down and hide, feeling unworthy and ugly. There is so much that my inner warrior and queen want to do, but something has been holding them back. It frustrates and infuriates me but I can’t seem to step into the role of being the leading lady in my movie, living the life I dream of. I repeatedly attract relationships into my life that are not good for me and push away what is good for me. I am struggling with energy and motivation atm, feeling like all the ducks are in a row for progress but I am sabotaging myself to stop my progress. I want to melt away the self-doubt and sabotage and find the strength to step forward into what my heart truly desires.”

I’m sharing my friend’s raw and real pain because maybe you can relate. I know I can. It was how I felt in my past. Tossing and turning at night, silently crying out for things to change.

That’s when I knew I needed to do something to help women create the change they’ve longed for, and live a fulfilling life that builds a legacy they can be proud of. So, after becoming a certified life coach, I developed my unique coaching program, Lights, Camera, Action-The Leading Lady Solution, to help women conquer their fears, take bold action on their goals, and live the life of their dreams!

It’s time to step out of the shadows.


an EXTRA: A silent performer who appears in the background

LEADING LADY: a woman who plays the principal female role

Lights! Camera! Action! is my signature, step-by-step transformational coaching process that gives you practical, straight-forward strategies and tools because you need to get real breakthroughs and lasting results. And you’ll have me every step of the way to guide, support and applaud your success!

It’s Time to Break the Script!

If your life feels like a sequel or a remake of the past, it’s time to break the script and write a new story!

We’ll shine a light on what’s been keeping you stuck and holding you back from living the life you desire.

We’ll uncover and release the pain of past traumas, beliefs, stories, and habits that have kept you hiding in the shadows – feeling unworthy, frustrated, and unfulfilled.

We’ll create a new picture, a new story, and your new identity that melts away your self-doubt and self-sabotage.

A new story that will transform and empower you to step forward confidently into what your heart truly desires – creating your dream life and building your new legacy.

We’ll “find your mark” and gain clarity by setting goals that inspire and excite you, along with an achievable plan to set you up for success and keep you focused and motivated.

We’ll create powerful new habits and rituals that support your goals and keep you moving and progressing in the right direction!

Then, we’ll complete your Leading Lady Transformation by discovering your true personal style that makes you uniquely you, and your ideal environment that surrounds you with inspiration and motivation.

I did it! I finally decided to enroll in art classes. I’ve been procrastinating, thinking I wasn’t good enough and I didn’t have the time. But coaching with you has been such a life-saver! After working through and rewriting my old stories and beliefs, I’m more confident. I’ve set boundaries with others and I’m finally believing in myself and what’s possible in my life. Also, my relationship with my daughter is so improved. She can see a difference in me and we talk more and laugh and I’m just filled with more joy and excitement. I definitely feel like a leading lady, now, and I can’t wait for what’s next in my life. Thank you, Sharise!

It’s Time to Write a New Story, Your Second Act

Even if you’ve tried everything else, with my Lights! Camera! Action!, you can FINALLY change your life. You no longer need to feel like an extra. You can become the Leading Lady of your life and a Legacy Builder for generations to follow.

Take it from me, no matter your past, your mistakes or pain, it’s NOT TOO LATE. But don’t wait another minute. Don’t waste another moment in regret. Your future life is waiting for you!

Remember, It’s up to you to choose what role you’ll play in life.

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