Before demonizing foods, let’s first question how they’re processed. There are so many diets out there, aren’t there? Telling you to avoid this food or that. Take dairy for instance. We went back to dairy after being dairy-free for 4 years. When my husband was diagnosed with Lyme disease and polyneuropathy, the doctor gave us […]

Share Globally and Act Locally

We get a lot of information on social media: some just to divide and some to just go along with the status quo. But some share information and different points of view in hopes of inspiring others to consider another perspective, do their own research, act on their own decisions, and then affect the world […]

Make Your Bathtime Count

Bathtime is a great time to relax while detoxing your mind, body and spirit. Here is my bathtime detox ritual. ❤Start with full-body dry brushing For exfoliation, circulation, & detoxification Add to bath: ❤Bentonite clay: detoxifying & mineralizing ❤Magnesium bath crystals: relaxes sore muscles & magnesium absorption ❤Wash with activated charcoal soap: detoxification ❤Favorite essential […]

Workout + Sweat Beats Stress

It’s been a stressful time lately. Been hit on all sides.But that’s not what this post is about What I will share is after a big cry, I got up and worked out. No, I didn’t feel like it. But I knew I needed it. So I turned up my music – hard and angry. […]

I Ate Too Much!

Yesterday, I ate way too much.Even though it was healthy, too much is still too much. I was at lunch with a friend and wasn’t paying attention to what I was eating and was just mindlessly scarfing it down. AfterwardsI had no energyI was uncomfortableI was bloatedI felt like crap. I wasn’t listening to my […]

What’s Missing in Your Cardio Workout?

It’s simple, yet I see it rarely done.. Hit the gym and you’ll see folks on the treadmill with the incline on Lvl 10 and speed at max – and holding on for dear life!!Or the elliptical, the stepper, etc hanging onto the bars. What’s wrong with this picture?They’re not using their arms! If you […]

Instant Pot Yogurt

Super easy, super good, and super good for you! This is the perfect recipe for an Instant Pot with a Yogurt Setting. Servings: Makes 1 quart Ingredients 1 Quart of organic, grass-fed cow’s milk (if you can get raw-even better) Option: you can use goat’s milk, it just wont be as thick 1/2 cup ready-made […]

10 Reasons to Avoid GMOs

As many of you know, I’ve passionately involved and outspoken against the dangers that rob us of our freedom. Whether from Big Agriculture, Big Pharma, Big Govt. and yes, even Big Health Industry, protecting our health freedoms, our food supply, and food choices, as well as informing others of these dangers is of the utmost […]

How Wasteful the Older Generation Was…

This was a fun and thought-provoking article circulating around the internet a while ago. I’m not sure where it originated from, but I wanted to share it in case you hadn’t seen it yet… I can’t help but think that maybe if we had kept some of the practices of the Older Generation, we wouldn’t […]

11 Ways to Look Your Best – No Matter What Your Size

Fashionistas of all sizes want tips on how to make their wardrobe accentuate their shape.  Here’s some helpful advice from fashion experts that will help you look slimmer and get the best out of your clothes no matter the occasion. Invest in a Wrap Dress Universally flattering, asymmetrical cuts whittle down your waist and hide […]

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