11 Ways to Look Your Best – No Matter What Your Size

Fashionistas of all sizes want tips on how to make their wardrobe accentuate their shape.  Here’s some helpful advice from fashion experts that will help you look slimmer and get the best out of your clothes no matter the occasion. Invest in a Wrap Dress Universally flattering, asymmetrical cuts whittle down your waist and hide […]

How to Gain Control Over Your Emotions

Have you ever hurt someone’s feelings, blow your diet, or just somehow lose control because your emotions “got the best of you”? I know I have! There are times I still feel regret over the things I’ve said or done out of letting my emotions control me. But, take heart. You can gain control over […]

Don’t Go It Alone

Support + Action = Results Loneliness can be one of the by-products of trying to get healthy. Either you’re intentionally separating yourself from people who have supported bad habits, from negative people you know you have to move on from in order to heal, or it might be that your physical or mental health has made […]

Are You an Emotional Eater?

Emotional eating is defined as turning to food for comfort, often to avoid stress, boredom, or painful emotions. It’s essentially eating for any other reason than hunger. This may be an unconscious or conscious decision and it manifests in many ways, but most often involves turning to food to change the way we feel. Been […]

My Workout Chart

As I was sitting here designing my workout chart for the upcoming week, I thought why not share it with you so you can design your own workout? I left it blank so you can adjust and modify it to fit your own needs. I made up my own chart years ago because I never […]

Mental Health Matters

When we think about our health, the first thing that comes to mind is our physical health such as weight, diet, health habits, physical exercise, and even disease. But true health is not just physical. There are actually three pillars to address for attaining total health and wellbeing: Science (our physical health), Psychology (our mental […]

Develop Empathy & Improve Your Relationships

In today’s world of being busy, busy, busy, it can be hard to take the time to truly try to understand someone. Online friendships, texting, and emails have also made it difficult to connect with others on a deeper level. But developing empathy will help you build better relationships – at home, at work and […]

Boost Your Brain

Who wouldn’t like to boost their memory? What about preventing Dementia and Alzheimer’s?  Well, here’s is some good news. You can! According to David Perlmutter, MD a board-certified neurologist, fellow of the American College of Nutrition and author of Power Up Your Brain, we can build better memories by promoting the growth of new brain cells. ” […]

Oldies But Goodies

I was feeling bored with my exercise routine and pulled out some workout DVDs from my collection. While I do enjoy online programs, I still love my DVDs. Now while these are oldies, they are still goodies and can still be purchased online. I thought, since I can’t design an individualized fitness program for you […]

We are Fearless. We are Feminine. We are Female.

Looking back on my old website, when I first began my health and wellness coaching, I realized my desire to help others liberate their health and life, has always been in my blood. One of my greater purposes in my life. Looking back brought back many memories. At this time my kiddos were young, I […]

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