We are Fearless. We are Feminine. We are Female.

Looking back on my old website, when I first began my health and wellness coaching, I realized my desire to help others liberate their health and life, has always been in my blood. One of my greater purposes in my life. Looking back brought back many memories. At this time my kiddos were young, I […]

Time to Pump You Up

So, at this point you have made some big changes: You have set your health and fitness goals, are watching and journaling what you eat, and logging your cardio exercise.  Right? If not make sure to check out my previous fitness blog posts to get started! Now, if you’ve been taking this fitness journey with […]

56 Different Names for Sugar

You’re doing all you can to live a healthy life, but the food industry is working against you. It has been shown that food manufacturers literally do research on how to make you more addicted to their foods. The more you eat, the more money they make. Cha-ching. And while we may try to avoid […]

Don’t Throw Away Your Coffee Grounds!

Coffee grounds have many uses from gardening to beauty, and some say, reducing the appearance of cellulite. Here’s another fun list I’ve collected over the years. Now, I haven’t tried everything on the list, but the ones I’ve tried, I’ve gotten great results (such as in the garden and as a facial scrub), so I […]

Rest Is Good for the Body

Taking time to rest is so important to meeting your fitness goals.  When you take time to rest, you are allowing your body to repair itself.  You see, when you work out, you actually tear and break down the muscle (this is why you may feel sore a day or two after you workout. ) […]

Calorie Busting Moves for all Fitness Levels!

If you move your body, guess what? You’re burning calories! And the more you move, depending on the activity, the more calories you’ll burn. The idea is to just get that heart beating!Even everyday activities can burn some of those extra calories without having to spend extra time at the gym.   Here is some everyday activities […]

Cardio: Slow and Steady or Fast and Furious?

Regardless of all the different classes and workouts out there, there are basically two types of categories that cardio exercise falls into and arguments abound on which is best.  I feel, why not add both into your exercise regimen?  The truth is both types have their benefits and variety helps keep you motivated, encouraged, and […]

Monitoring Your Heart Rate

Monitoring your heart rate can help you in achieving your fitness goals. Knowing how hard you need to work to achieve your desired shape and fitness level will encourage you to challenge yourself. Being able to see how hard you are working will let you see how well you are progressing and when you might […]

How Hard Are You Working?

Whether you want to burn calories and fat, train for an athletic event, or just gain or maintain better health, you want to get the most out of your workouts. You’re putting in the time, but do you know if you’re working at a level where you’ll see results? This is where knowing your Target […]

Let’s Get Physical – Becoming a Cardio Queen

So you have decided to start exercising. Great!  No matter if you are new to exercise, just haven’t exercised for awhile, or are a fitness guru, to get the most out of your workouts, you need to  plan. You know the saying “Fail to plan, plan to fail”? Well, it’s true no matter what your goal in […]

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