We are Fearless. We are Feminine. We are Female.

Looking back on my old website, when I first began my health and wellness coaching, I realized my desire to help others liberate their health and life, has always been in my blood.

One of my greater purposes in my life.

Looking back brought back many memories. At this time my kiddos were young, I was a homeschooling mom, and just trying to figure things out (not that I have it all figured out now, but I’m a bit wiser).

Good To Look Back

It’s good to be reminded. Sometimes we can get so caught up in the weeds of the work that we forget Why we do what we do. Whatever that is for you.

If you’re in a time of chaos, frustration, or even apathy, look back and see what it was that gave you the passion, the drive in the first place. Maybe it no longer fits in your life, and that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong in changing directions. I’ve done so plenty of times.

And maybe remembering your Why will give you the fuel you need to keep focused and driving in the direction you’re going.

Remembering also shows us how far we’ve come, we’ve changed, we’ve grown. I certainly am not the same person I was then, and yet, I honor her as she led me to who I am today. As who I am today will lead me to who I am to become.

Thought I’d share as I walk down memory lane.

We are Fearless. We are Feminine. We are Female.

And we are fierce:  Fierce about our faith, our families, and our freedom. 

We are not victims of our past or our circumstances –  we are not merely survivors.

We are victors in life!

And no matter what our age, we are valuable, beautiful and talented. 
We never stop dreaming because we know that as long as we have breath in our bodies, there is a plan for our lives. And we won’t stop until that plan is fulfilled!

We are passionate – both lovers and fighters. We are both strong and gentle, tender and tough. We can be fierce when need be but also love with loyalty.

And we do not sit idle. We defend the weak, help the helpless, and are not afraid to be the first (and maybe only) to stand up for what is right.

We are smart, loving, capable, and self-sufficient.

We are encouragers, motivators, and protectors.

We are mothers, wives, girlfriends, sisters, and daughters.

And we are women not afraid to be women. We know we don’t have to sacrifice our femininity in order to succeed and we don’t have to compromise ourselves to be appreciated or loved. 

AND we LOVE our men! We appreciate them, realizing they make us better women as we make them better men.  They are our men, we their ladies and we are both warriors side by side.

And yeah, we can open our own door, but we prefer they did it for us.


Hello, I’m Sharise Parviz – Owner of Studio Sharise Creative & Performing Arts Center and partner of the media company, Mariposa Productions.

I am also an actress, dancer, teacher, producer, fitness trainer and nutritional coach, along with being a wife and home-schooling mother of three (well now I’m only homeschooling two as my oldest is now out the door *sniff sniff*.)

I created this website in hopes of encouraging women of all ages to be passionate about their lives, to awaken lost dreams, or have the courage to pursue new ones.  

To obtain the health and well-being that they deserve and that will benefit them in all areas of their lives – and in every role they perform.

From the Heart

First a disclaimer: I am a terrible typist and when I get on a roll, perfect punctuation and grammar go out the window (though I will try to hit spell check from time to time.) But, if you can overlook the typos and put value in sincerity, honesty, and words from the heart – well, you’ve come to the right place.

A Bigger Purpose

Along with giving you tips on losing weight and staying fit, there is a bigger purpose here – to give you information you need to take personal responsibility over your health. 

We all know obesity is on the rise – even in children!!  So is cancer, diabetes and heart disease. How about ADHD and autism?  Shootin’ thru the roof.  

Having faced my own health crisis, I understand how difficult being seriously sick can be.  I also know how our health outcome is mainly dependent on our health choices.

But isn’t that our doctor’s responsibility?

There was a time when we relied solely on our doctors to be responsible for our health. To tell us what we need to do to stay well. But with most doctor visits happening at breakneck speed, can we really rely on our doctors to meet all our health needs?  

Now, I am not saying don’t go see your doctor (I have a conventional doctor and a naturopath I visit). But I am saying it is unrealistic to expect any doctor to be fully responsible for your health.

Also, since most doctors are about “treating” the problem, whose responsibility is it to prevent the problem in the first place?

Isn’t that what the government is for?

There are many who believe it is up to the government to make our health choices for us.
Well then tell me, what kind of “choice” is that? 

If we lack the self-reliance that we need laws in place to control what we eat, that’s pretty sad!  Plus, do you really want the government telling you what you CAN and CANNOT eat? and HOW MUCH?  Not me! No, thank you. That’s what Mamas are for. 

It really does come down to us if we want to provide a better future for ourselves and our children.

And so that is why Fearless. Feminine. Female. exists – to help and encourage you as you walk the road to complete health and well being. 

We face so many battles in life – both personal and on a grander scale – and if we are broken in mind, body, or spirit, then we have lost the battle. For we cannot win a battle if we don’t have the strength to fight it. 

  So, Welcome  to the Family!

So welcome, sisters! I do hope I can help and encourage you to be the very best you can be.

When you visit Fearless. Feminine. Female., you will find health, fitness and wellness tips. You’ll also find nutrition tips, recipes, favorites of mine, tips on keeping home, articles and thoughts from my heart. All focusing on helping you to become a healthy, whole and Fearless. Feminine. Female.   

Now, If you are one who is new to this and feels guilty about taking the time to care for yourself, well, to say it gently,  “Get over it!”   By stepping out in faith and becoming healthy and well, you’ll not only have the strength to fulfill the plan for your life, but all those around you will benefit as well. 

And oh, what an unstoppable influence for good you will be!

Never too Young, Never too Old, and Never too Late.

No matter your age, your health, fitness level, or history,  you are welcome here!
Know that no matter how many times you think you have failed in the past, you can have a new start.

Be thankful. For everyday presents us with a new beginning, and so begin your journey today towards a new you – a more authentic you – and find here hope, encouragement, and support on your journey.

And as I pray over my kids – protection and blessings to you –  from head to toe, inside and out. In body, mind, soul, and spirit (I know a little obsessive, but hey, I like to cover all my bases.).

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