The Leading Lady Experience

Now, we know times get tough. Motivation can drop until you feel like you’re right back where you started and about to give up! Don’t do it and don’t go it alone!

Real growth is sustained when you have others rooting for you! Cheering you on to your finish line! And when women get together… well, you know, Mountains are Moved, Baby!

During times of struggle that’s when we need mentoring, accountability and companionship. And when you meet with success, you want to celebrate!

So, become part of the Leading Lady Experience

Because being a Leading Lady is easier when you have
a great supporting cast!

The Leading Lady Experience is an immersive program where you’ll receive monthly training along with support, accountability, and encouragement that will accelerate your growth and help you reach your goals!

This inner circle is your #1 resource to keep you energized and moving forward. I’ll bring you the latest breakthrough tools and strategies in mindset, relationships, health, and more! Plus, fun classes that will take you to your next level!

The Leading Lady Experience will keep you from getting stuck and allow you to create consistent momentum, joy, and love in every area of your life.

We’ll also get a chance to share our experiences, challenges, and breakthroughs, as we apply the Leading Lady Principles in our daily lives.

You’ll feel loved, accepted and supported when you join the Leading Lady Experience!

Leading Lady Experience Trainings

Strategic Life Coaching

Get the tools and strategies that will help you become the leading lady of your life! With my signature coaching programs, such as Lights! Camera! Action!, you’ll step out of the shadows and into your light and conquer your fears, take bold action on your goals, and live the life of your dreams!

Nutrition Class

You hold the shield in protecting your health and the health of your loved ones! In my Wellness Warrior nutrition class, you’ll gain the knowledge and tools to help you become the healthy, strong “shield-maiden” in your life and family.

Based On the GAPS Nutritional Protocol and my research and experiences as a Holistic Health Practitioner, I’ll share with you how to bust through the modern-day myths to healthy eating and weight loss. I’ll also help you knock-out “dieting” once and for all, and instead learn to tune-in and honor your body’s needs and wisdom.

Cooking Class

We’ll explore traditional ways of cooking that supports your Wise & Wild Wellness Way and GAPS Nutritional Protocol! Learn to prepare in the traditional methods that will make eating enjoyable and healthy again.

NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED and it’s never too late to start! I never thought I could learn how to cook, but at 53 I realized how easy and enjoyable it was to prepare foods that are nutritious and delicious.

Dance Class

This class that will get you groovin’ and movin’! We’ll explore various works inspired by jazz dance legend (and my inspiration), the great Luigi!, as well as other classical jazz styles. NO DANCE EXPIERIENCE NEEDED! Just bring your desire to have fun and move your body!


This class will put you in Peak Performance for your life! Based on classes I taught my dance students, you’ll gain strength, stability, muscle control, energy, and balance! Plus it’s fun!

For all levels of fitness!


Flexibility is important for your health and everyday living! Another class brought to you from my dance teaching days. Along with increasing your physical flexibility, you will gain a calmness of mind, learn to tune in and listen to your body, and leave with a peace in your heart. Beginners are welcome!

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