You don’t have the body to be a dancer…

Have you ever been told that? I have – ever since I was young. I was short, muscular AND curvy (I got hit with the double whammy), and didn’t have the “perfect” turnout. I remember feeling so dejected. I saw all these beautiful dancers I took class with who were tall, lean and straight like […]

Challenge Yourself Today

Coming back to training after closing my studio and getting back into my groove was tough! I hadn’t really trained. I mean reeeally trained for almost 4 years. I was sluggish, out of shape, my diet sucked and honestly I felt really discouraged. But I was determined to begin again. My body and soul needed […]

Don’t Forget your Supporting Leg

Yes, every dancer wants great extentions and beautiful lines. But in our efforts, let’s remember the most important leg is not the “working leg”, but the leg we stand on. Without a strong supporting leg, it doesn’t matter how high your leg goes if you’re wobbling all over the place. You’ll never be able to […]

Train your Turnout without Cheating

While this exercise can be done without the turnout board, a turnout board is nice for its smoothness and to measure your progress (this one has degrees of measurement so you can track your progress!).You’ll see that one of my legs has more turn out than the other and I want to work on equalizing […]