Calorie Busting Moves for all Fitness Levels!

If you move your body, guess what? You’re burning calories! And the more you move, depending on the activity, the more calories you’ll burn. The idea is to just get that heart beating!
Even everyday activities can burn some of those extra calories without having to spend extra time at the gym.  

Here is some everyday activities you can add to burn calories or just to jazz up your current routine.  I have posted the estimated amount of calories you can burn per hour, though the exact number of calories burned depends largely on your height, weight, and age.

LOW INTENSITY (100-200 calories an hour)

Walk the Dog: Don’t have one? Walk the neighbor’s. Even better, start a dog walking service!
Fly a kite: Even better if you are the one who retrieves it from the tree.
Garden: Pull weeds, rake leaves, and mow the lawn.  Burn even more calories if you use a push mower instead of a powered one!
Get on the floor: Try an easy Yoga class or do some full body stretching.
Housekeeping: Dust, vacuum, mop, and clean the outside and inside of your windows.
Play some pool or darts: Burns calories as long as you aren’t playing for drinks and you leave the peanuts and pretzels alone.
Neighborhood clean up: Walk around your neighborhood and clean up the trash you see. Do lunges or squats as you pick up the trash. Your neighbors will love you and so will your booty and thighs!
Take a ride: How about a bike ride around your neighborhood? Enjoy the lazy days of summer with a leisurely ride.
Put groceries away: And as you put them away add in some bicep curls, tricep kickbacks and shoulder presses with those cans of beans.
 A little romance: What can I say? I saved the best for last! Sex has many healthy benefits. It is also a natural way to get your heart pumping and your body sweating. You can burn an average of 100 calories, but of course the more vigorous you play, the more calories you burn. 

MODERATE INTENSITY (200-400 Calories per hour)

Really Scrub your Bathroom and Kitchen: With vigor! Get on your hands and knees and clean the floor, scrub the grout, scrub your counters, toilet bowl (get under the rim), and even wash your walls! Scrub the inside of your oven and ‘fridge until it sparkles!
Swing a Club: Play golf and do more walking than riding in the cart.
Take a Dance Class: How about a belly or tap dancing class? Not only will you burn calories, you will work your legs, calves, and shimmy your way to tighter abs!!
Build a Home: Build a tree house for the kids, put up a fence, help a neighbor with his add-on. Paint, saw, and hammer away!
Karate Chop: Take martial arts. Burn calories while learning how to defend yourself.
Walk: Brisk walking 3xs around the mall – both floors and take only the stairs.
Work on Your Home Run: Get in the batting cage and “Swing away”.
Go for a Strike: Go bowling, but leave the pizza and the pitchers of beer alone.
Wash your car: Wash, dry, wax, and vacuum the inside. Don’t forget the mirrors- you will burn calories and save money! Hey, wash your neighbor’s car and make a few bucks – or a few smiles!
Play with your Kids: How about some dodgeball, paintball, or a water gun fight. Don’t forget snowball fights in the winter!
Skate: Take it to the ice, rent a pair of regular skates or go for a ride on your in-lines. Don’t forget to go backwards!

 HIGH INTENSITY (400-600 calories per hour)

Shoot Hoops: Play a game of basketball. A big plus if you play full court with just a few  players.
Jump Rope: It’s a great workout and you can break it up with some walking or jogging in place.
Dance, Dance, Dance: Turn on the radio, close the curtains, and dance like no one is watching! And if they are, ask them to join you!
Step on it: Do some step aerobics- take an in-person class or one online.  Or maybe run up and down the stairs in your house or the bleachers at the high school track!
Try  Zumba: Have a blast in a Zumba class. Rock those calories and those hips.
Box it out: Find a gym with a punching bag or have a friend hold up a couch cushion and punch away. Burns some serious calories and relieves some serious stress.
Run: Hit the sidewalk. But, PLEASE stay off the streets. That is one of my pet peeves: people running in the streets (esp. early in the morning, wearing black) Come, on!!  Hey, if I can’t drive on the sidewalks, you shouldn’t be allowed to walk or run in the streets. But seriously, if you are worried about the wear and tear on your feet and your knees, hit the track instead.
Hike: Take a trail with some serious hills and carry a 20 lb back pack.
Lift and Move: Help someone move, volunteer to stock shelves at the local food pantry or Salvation Army. Move some furniture for an elderly neighbor.
Babysit: And chase after him on his bike or play some tag. 

And of course you can always combine activities for more calorie busting fun! Be creative and tell me how you burn calories during your day! #shariseparviz on IG or connect with me on Facebook

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