My Workout Chart

As I was sitting here designing my workout chart for the upcoming week, I thought why not share it with you so you can design your own workout? I left it blank so you can adjust and modify it to fit your own needs.

I made up my own chart years ago because I never found one that I liked. I also like to track how I, and my client’s, feel before and after our workouts because we know fitness isn’t just about our bodies. It’s about our emotional and mental states, as well.

I love seeing the transformation in my clients who start their workouts stressed or unenthused, by the end feel relaxed, happy, and energized. It reminds us how exercise really benefits us on a holistic level (and experiencing that is super motivating!).

Who knows, in the future I may just create a full workout planner.

In this chart, you’ll alternate your strength training workouts days with your cardio/abdominal (AB) workout days. You’ll Do 3 strength training days and 3 Cardio Days. Sunday is your Rest Day and is a great time to do your Yoga/Flexibility Training.

So here you go! See notes under chart for tips and to print out a Freebie chart of your own!

Section 1 on ChartYour Strength Training Days

  • Strength Training 3 days a week: Mon, Wed, Fri or Tues, Thurs Sat.
  • Choose 8 Exercises.
  • Choose your Weight.
  • Decide How many REPS, SETS for each exercise and your REST time ( in seconds) between exercises.
  • Remember to start with a cardio Warm-Up, such as jogging in place or jumping jacks. Just something that will get your blood flowing and muscles warm.
  • Remember to Cool Down with a full body stretch at the end.
  • Jot down, on a scale of 1-10, how you feel before working out (1 being low – tired, unenthusiastic, sore, etc., and 10 being excited, ready to go, energized, etc.). Do the same after your workout.

Section 2 Chart – Your Cardio/AB Days

  • Do Cardio /AB training on the days in between your strength training days.
  • For your Cardio: choose the Type you will do, Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) performed, and your Time.
  • For Your AB workout: choose 1- 2 Exercises, decide your REPS, SETS for each exercise and REST time (in seconds) between exercises.
  • Make sure to Cool Down with a full body stretch at the end.
  • Jot down how you feel before and after your workouts, just as you did on your strength training days.

As I said, feel free to modify the chart as you like or need, and make a new copy each week.

Download your Freebie workout chart here

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