Don’t Go It Alone

Support + Action = Results

Loneliness can be one of the by-products of trying to get healthy. Either you’re intentionally separating yourself from people who have supported bad habits, from negative people you know you have to move on from in order to heal, or it might be that your physical or mental health has made you less sociable in general.

Regardless of the reason, making connection with those who’ll support and encourage you on your wellness journey has been proven to boost results towards better health and wellbeing.

You don’t have to go it alone. The support you need, to overcome challenges, should come from people you can relate to, who “have your back”, and want to see you succeed.

Here’s some ways to find that connection.


You need an outlet to say how you feel, ask questions and share your goals.  Whether it’s an online forum, a support group, or weekly call to a friend, find a community where you can express yourself and the ups-and-downs of your health journey. Find your peeps (or as I say, your “pack”) who will support you in reaching your goals.

Accountability Buddies

While being part of a group can be helpful, sometimes finding an accountability buddy makes getting healthy easier. According to The American Society of Training and Development, studies show that having an accountability partner makes you 65% more likely to meet your goals. This increases to 95% when you regularly check in with your partner!

When choosing an accountability partner, choose someone who is on the same page as you and who is positive about your process and progress. 

You can commit to a specific time to exercise together, go over meal plans, share your feelings, or review your goals. Find someone you trust and can build a companionship where you are “Spiritual Partners” – holding each other accountable, to the steps you’ve chosen to take, towards better health and transformation.

Make it fun by rewarding each other. Celebrate your triumphs and support each other in your set-backs. 

If someone falls off, come up with an agreed upon way to get back on track, and if your partner really does give up, with love, thank them for the support they’ve given, and find a new buddy .

Expert Support

It may seem that getting healthy is all about knowing how to do it, but knowledge without a game plan and action steps is useless.  A professional, whose career is helping people get healthy, will help you in defining your goals, co-create an action plan with you, and help set you up for success.

Searching the internet alone will not help you realize the experience and breadth of knowledge that professionals have.  Find a healthcare professional and ask for advice on how you can personally achieve your goals and help them help you find a health program that suits your needs.  

The Combination

While individual modes of support are good, combining them will give you a balanced system that will help you realize your goals and maintain them for the long term. While so many people will tell you you’re not alone in your health journey, it is up to you to surround yourself with the people and tools to get you where you want to be. 

Getting support may be the missing piece to your health puzzle.

Where to Find Support?

Now, saying, “Get support,” is easy, finding it can prove difficult. I get it! Finding someone (or a group of someone(s) ) who you can trust and who have your best interest at heart, isn’t easy to do.

I got you covered. Through my private, one-on-one coaching and group coaching programs, not only will you feel supported, you will be fueled and motivated to find success!

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