Challenge Yourself Today

Coming back to training after closing my studio and getting back into my groove was tough!

I hadn’t really trained. I mean reeeally trained for almost 4 years.

I was sluggish, out of shape, my diet sucked and honestly I felt really discouraged. But I was determined to begin again. My body and soul needed to be dancing!

It was a very slow start. I was barely able to finish an hour of class without being breathless and my feet and legs killling me! (and honestly it was hard just staying motivated). There were days I just bent over my barre and cried.

But I made a promise to myself and I reminded myself that it was okay to go slow. Just do a little everyday and each day just add a little more. Just 1 more exercise, just 10 more minutes. Miserably thinking “God I’m so frikkin’ out of shape.” But encouraging myself to just keep going. (I often have arguments with myself).

So, I put down the remote control, planned out my schedule, set some short term goals (as the big goals felt just too farfetched at the time) and started eating to fuel my body and not my emotions and stress.

With patience, self care and mindset work (and a whole lot of faith things would improve), I was back to dancing full time. Though I’m not completely back to my former dancing self, I know I will be and my new goal is to be even better!

Yeah. It’s tough. You don’t feel good about yourself. You don’t believe you can do it. But you can. You can can can! Just start a little everyday. Combat any judgments that pop up and make sure to celebrate every bit of progress you make – big or small.

It’s not too late to begin again! But you have to start.

I challenge you today to do just 5 mins of what you love. Just 5. And see how you feel? Just get the ball rolling!

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