Do You Know Your Why?

Maybe you think you know why you want what you want. But do you?

  • Do you have a hard time staying committed to your goals?
  • Do you struggle sticking to habits that you know will propel you to the life you want?
  • Or do you have difficulty breaking habits that are holding you back?

If the answers are yes, it may be because you aren’t connected to the real reason why you want what you want. You know, the reason beyond the obvious, “make more money” or “look better in my clothes”.

I mean that way down deep, brings tears to your eyes reason why any of your goals matter to you.

Below is an exercise I was introduced to at a Dean Graziosi mastermind and now I want to pass it onto you. I do this for every goal I have and will revisit this exercise every quarter or so (when I’m making new goals or to further refine the goals I’m already working towards).

This exercise will help you get to the heart of your why. The core. It will help you gain clarity and make sure what you’re working towards is relevant and has meaning in your life.

Knowing your true, deep down reason why gives you purpose and the ammunition you need to truly change your life and move forward on your dreams.

Are you ready?

While this exercise seems simple, it is profound. So be warned, once you realize your why, you might find yourself in tears, clutching your heart, and saying, “OMG that’s it, I got it!” (at least that’s what happened to me).

Click below for the exercise Discover your Why (you can see an example of my “WHY” for my finances).

Tip: Once you’re done, print it out and hang it somewhere where you’ll see it daily. This will help remind you and keep you inspired.

Share this post with someone who you know could use it, and I’d love to hear what you discover so #shariseparviz on IG and share your why

Happy Journey!

My Why example

1. What do you want to do?
I want financial freedom

2. Why is that important to you?
I want security/freedom/leave a legacy for kids

3. Why is that important to you?
I want to leave a different future for the next generations

4. Why is that important to you?
I want to change the outcome from what is expected in my family

5. Why is that important to you?
There’s too much pain in the past and I want to set our family free

6. Why is that important to you?
I want to heal my family and give them possibility

7. Why is that important to you?
I will not be my family. I must change it

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