Dream A Little Dream

A few days ago, I came across an old blog post from at least 15 years ago and while my children are now grown (with children of their own), and though my struggles may now be different, I still face challenges, as I’m sure you do. So, I thought I’d share it as it was a great reminder to me to remember my dreams in the face of challenges.

Some time ago…

We all feel challenged from time to time.  To tell you the truth I am sitting here and as I am typing this, I am challenged to see who is stronger – me or my daughter’s box of chocolate-covered almonds calling me from the kitchen pantry. ARGH!!! And while I am sitting here, staring me dead in the face, is a piece of ledger paper taped to my desk with the words DREAM on it.

As I try to stay focused and not give into instant gratification, I read this and I pass it on to you:


D – Decide what you really want.
R – Realize wishing won’t make it so
E – Engage in behaviors that will take you closer to your goal
A – Accept set backs and go on
M – Make it a true Lifestyle Change

D = Decide what you want

Maybe it’s time to re-establish your goals or set new ones. See how far you have come and where you want to go. If you have reached your last goal, make another. There is always something we can improve upon; some change that we can make, some growth we can take to continue to move forward.

Tip: Make sure your goal still fits.  Maybe you’ve lost motivation because your goal no longer fits with what you want anymore. That’s okay! It is important  to re-evaluate your goals from time to time, making sure you’re still going after what you want and not just what you think you should want or what others want for you. 

Tip: Decide also that you can do it . If  you have a lot of weight to lose or are working to get well from an illness or health condition, it can feel so monumental and so unreachable. I understand that. But everyday you stay committed, everyday, you persevere,  you are one day closer to your goal and if you keep at it, you will meet with success.
 (And remember you are worth having success. If you have a dream inside you, there is a reason for it being there and you deserve to see it come to fruition. 

R = Realize that Wishing Ain’t Gonna Make It So. 

Simple yet so important.
Yes, positive thinking is important but without action, it is usually fruitless. As I have said before, awareness of the problem is only part of the solution- don’t get caught in it! Move from awareness to action (yes, that means past the fear) because remember ” Faith without action is dead!” 
So get moving and…

E = Engage Daily in Some Activity that Gets you Closer to your Goal.

Think of at least one thing you can do daily that  brings you closer to your goal and then do it!  Make sure you are following- through with your daily and weekly mini goals, making sure they are still relevant to what you are working towards.

Tip: When facing a decision and a course of action, take a moment to ask yourself if what you want to do is going to move you closer to your goal or steer you from it. Then make your choice. Hopefully, you will make the one that moves you closer to your goal but if not, well, at least you didn’t make your decision blindly.

Tip: When I have those days when  I am not sure of what I am doing, feeling overwhelmed or feeling like a complete failure and ready to throw in the towel, I do a little role-playing. I pretend  to be someone  I admire for their success and I ask myself , “What would they do in this situation?” then  I pretend to be them.  This helps until I can feel strong “being me” again.

AAccept setbacks and then move on

This is a tricky one. Accepting setbacks does not mean excusing your behavior and giving permission to purposely “oops it up” again.  But, it does mean accept it, let it go and then start over again right now (not tomorrow, but this very minute.)  Setbacks can be a slippery slope – don’t beat yourself up over it. Don’t judge yourself, but do catch yourself before you start that downward slide.  And remember to be thankful. 
That’s right, be thankful that even though you aren’t where you want to be, at least you aren’t where you once were.

Tip: Play the “I wonder” game. Though you don’t want to dwell on your slip-up, it is good idea to look at it and ask yourself, “I wonder why it happened”. That way you can make a plan and be better prepared to avoid the situation in the future. So that way when you realize the reason you overate at dinner is because you didn’t eat lunch, you can go and pack something up for lunch tomorrow  (even if it is a quick protein shake, a small handful of almonds and an apple, or a healthy protein bar).

M = Make it a Lifestyle Change and Find a Purpose.

Look for duration by finding purpose in what you are doing. Find a reason greater than yourself.  For me:  I want to be healthy so I have the energy to play with my kids, to live a fuller life helping others.  I want  to be an example to others, to encourage them in their lives. 

But how can I do that if I feel like garbage and am in a nasty mood  because I over-ate or didn’t take the time to exercise or meditate?
If  you are sick all the time, have no energy, are disappointed with yourself and don’t  feel your best, you really can’t do yourself or anyone else any good.  So find that reason greater than you for meeting your goals.

Keep it Alive

Well, I am still sitting here but I am finding my craving for those almonds almost gone and I will decide next on what to do to keep my mind off of food – maybe I will call a girlfriend, read a fitness magazine for inspiration, journal or play a game with the kids. And if all that fails, have a warm cup of tea and demand my husband rub my feet 😉. Maybe I will just go to bed and start over in the morning.

There are days when following your dream is so fantastically energizing you feel like you can’t fail and  then there are days when it seems so hard just to get from point A to point B without any major setbacks. Some days I am in awe; filled with the greatest inspiration and joy, and some when I’m just trying to connect the dots – this is one of those days.

Thank God there is always tomorrow!

Make sure you keep your dream alive.


Though the kinds of challenges change depending on the season of life we’re in, we’ll always face challenges, setbacks and obstacles. It’s life. But if we stay focused on our dreams and our purpose, we can overcome whatever it is we are facing.

Tip: If you don’t know what your greater purpose is then do my Discover your Why exercise that will keep you motivated towards reaching your goals. Knowing your “Why” is a total game-changer because you’re no longer relying on willpower to reach your goals, but on purpose.

When facing those challenging times, reminding ourselves why we want what we want, can make that U-turn (from self-sabotaging behaviors or decisions) almost effortless and instantaneous.

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