From Hood To Homestead

We closed! So excited. We’ve been camping out for a year in an apartment waiting to find the right property.

As soon as we saw it, hubby and I both said, “This is it!”

22 acres with a creek and pond. Horse stables and plenty of room for planting an orchard and fruits and veggies.

No no, not me. I can’t grow sh*t. But hubby was born with 2 green thumbs!!

Also, a wonderful place for retreats and meeting with clients!

Plus a 2nd building for a studio where I plan to shoot fitness, dance and yoga videos as part of my Leading Lady Solutions online programs!

Growing up in the hood, I never thought I’d become a country girl! Haha

“From Hood to Homestead”.

Hmm, sounds like a good title for a new show.

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