Instant Pot Yogurt

Super easy, super good, and super good for you! This is the perfect recipe for an Instant Pot with a Yogurt Setting.

Servings: Makes 1 quart


  • 1 Quart of organic, grass-fed cow’s milk (if you can get raw-even better)
    • Option: you can use goat’s milk, it just wont be as thick
  • 1/2 cup ready-made organic Greek-Style yogurt with Live Active Cultures


  • Instant Pot with Yogurt Setting
  • Cooking Thermometer (a Deep Fry thermometer with clip works perfectly for this)
  • Skimmer


  1. Pour milk into the Instant Pot metal bowl and secure the lid in place
  2. Turn your Instant Pot to the yogurt setting
  3. Adjust the yogurt setting to boil or high at 181° F. Then press start. This will allow your milk to boil.
  4. When the boil cycle is over (you’ll hear the beep), turn off the Instant Pot
  5. Remove the Instant Pot metal bowl and place it on counter to allow the milk to cool
  6. Place a thermometer into the bowl and allow the milk to cool to about 115°. This may take 20 mins or so
  7. Remove the thermometer. If film has formed on the surface of the milk, just remove it with the skimmer
  8. Add in the ready-made yogurt with live cultures. Mix until the yogurt is evenly combined with the milk
  9. Place the metal bowl back into the Instant Pot, and adjust the yogurt setting to medium heat (107° F) Adjust the time to 12:00 for 12 hours of incubation (for a more tart yogurt set to 24:00 or 24 hours)
    • If this is your first time making Instant Pot yogurt, simply do a taste test at 12 hours, then restart the yogurt setting to incubate for longer if you wish
  10. Secure the lid in place and press start
  11. The time readout should say 0:00. It will incubate for 12-24 hours (depending on your preference). Once you press start, the timer will indicate the time passed
  12. After your determined time of incubation, the yogurt should be slightly set, and a jelly-like consistency
  13. Allow the yogurt to cool at room temperature for a couple of hours, then chill in the fridge to finish setting the yogurt
  14. Transfer to mason jars, and chill before eating. Keeps in the refrigerator for 2-3 weeks

Enjoy it plain or dress it up with some fresh fruit or other favorite toppings and stevia for a creamy dessert!

TIP: Reserve 1/2 cup of your homemade yogurt to make your next batch!

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