Make Your Bathtime Count

Bathtime is a great time to relax while detoxing your mind, body and spirit. Here is my bathtime detox ritual.

❤Start with full-body dry brushing For exfoliation, circulation, & detoxification

Add to bath:

❤Bentonite clay: detoxifying & mineralizing

❤Magnesium bath crystals: relaxes sore muscles & magnesium absorption

❤Wash with activated charcoal soap: detoxification

❤Favorite essential oils: for the spirit: relaxaing, and can also be detoxifying depending on which oil you use.

❤Light you favorite candles (preferably made with bees wax), dim the lights, and enjoy!

❤Finish with homemade tallow balm from head to toe: super absorbing and moisturizing.

💤Ahhh! Enjoy a restful and luxurious night!

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