Before demonizing foods, let’s first question how they’re processed.

There are so many diets out there, aren’t there? Telling you to avoid this food or that.

Take dairy for instance. We went back to dairy after being dairy-free for 4 years.

When my husband was diagnosed with Lyme disease and polyneuropathy, the doctor gave us a list of foods to avoid – including dairy. He reasoned that these foods could cause further inflammation.

We did as we were told, but we really saw no change, and then as I began my studies in health and nutrition, I did research on the additives, the synthetic vitamins, and the flavorings in many dairy-free options. And so I researched more…

What I learned

While there are people who do have an intolerance for dairy, many of the issues lie with conventional dairy that is non-fat, highly processed (ultra-pasteurized) and hormone, GMO, and antibiotic laden – all processes that do make dairy highly inflammatory, allergenic, and indigestible.

In other words, produced not the way it was intended to be consumed.

And while I do have my clients eliminate many foods while on my Leading Lady Reset Cleanse, the goal is always to return to a whole foods diet once their digestive system is restored. A digestive system that was usually disrupted from eating refined, denatured, conventional “faux foods” and/or the highly inflammatory Standard American Diet (the SAD diet).

My clients learn that it’s not what they eat, but how the food is grown and prepared that can make all the difference. Many of the “forbidden” foods they’ve been told to avoid, are enjoyed when they’re eaten as they were intended.

The Rebel’s Diet

And so, we slowly returned to a real foods diet (I call it the Rebel’s Diet), drinking grass-fed, grass finished, organic whole milk with low pasteurization – and when we can – raw. We also returned to real cheese, real butter, and now, I make my own yogurt. Heck, we even added grains (properly prepared) and real salt back into our diet! 😲 Shh! Don’t tell the food police.

We tested it for about 3 months, slowly reintroducing one food at a time, with no adverse effects. No bloating, no pain, no skin eruptions. In fact, hubby started feeling better! He had more strength, better mental focus, and less nerve pain.

And I felt better, too. I had more energy and I finally lost those last 5 lbs that I couldn’t shake!

Question Everything

Now this may not be right for everyone, of course. We all have our unique needs and lifestyles to take into consideration.

I’m only saying that food manufacturers tinker with foods causing them to be inedible.

And then we blame the foods.

So my philosophy is, “Question everything before adopting anything”.

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