Those Last Few Pounds are a B*tch!

I was so frustrated! I was working out and kept having to adjust my workout pants so I wouldn’t share my “plumber’s butt” with everyone while doing squats.

After my workout I went into the bathroom and realized why. My work out pants were too big!

I hadn’t weighed myself in a couple of weeks and so I wasn’t paying too close attention. You see, I kind of just gave up on those last 5 lbs. I had already lost 20 lbs, but those last ones, I just couldn’t shake.

I had tried everything to shed those last few lbs and then I just said to myself, “Forget it, they’re vanity pounds, anyway. Just focus on your health, Sharise” (yes, I talk to myself. You should see the arguments I have).

But man, it sure feels good to finally get rid of those last 5 lbs – when even your workout pants are getting too big!

Here’s what I didn’t do:

πŸ‘ŽI didn’t count calories (been there done that – didn’t last, but my math skills improved!)
πŸ‘ŽI didn’t measure my food in those cute, colored cups (yeah, tried that, too)
πŸ‘ŽI didn’t avoid animal products
πŸ‘ŽI didn’t avoid fat (in fact, I enjoyed good fats thoroughly!)
πŸ‘ŽI didn’t starve myself.

Here’s a little of what I did:

πŸ‘I listened to my body- when it was hungry and when it was satisfied
πŸ‘I focused on eating for my health, not just to lose weight
πŸ‘I got 7-8 hours of sleep
πŸ‘I moved my body
πŸ‘I practiced spiritual self-care
πŸ‘I believed I could do it

And those last 5 lbs I’ve held onto for years, finally melted off.

Doing What Works for You!

Look, there’s no one size fits all kind of diet or exercise plan, no matter what you hear. What works for one doesn’t necessarily work for all.

There are however, solid and sound nutritional principles and lifestyle & mindset practices that can benefit everyone.

And one of them is learning what works for YOU and getting the support you need to reach your goals.

If you’re looking for support on your health or weight loss journey, check out my coaching programs where I work with you on your individual goals and needs.

It really does feel good when you look into the mirror smile and can say, “I feel good. I look good. Yeah! I’m good!”

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