Urgent! Protect Farmers From Losing their Land

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hate sending this to you so close to the holidays but it couldn’t wait. This was an email sent with an urgent call to action. Please read and follow the links to contact your representatives to protect our farmland.

“…land is the only thing in the world worth workin’ for, worth fightin’ for, worth dyin’ for, because it’s the only thing that lasts.” This movie line has always stuck with me because there is so much truth in it: there is only so much land, and it is the only thing that lasts. Its importance is demonstrated in that our world is embroiled in two wars at the moment over — at least on the surface — who has the rights to land. Can you imagine a world where corporations owned all of our lands, or where other countries like China can continue to buy our lands? Eventually, whoever owns the land will control our food supply. It is a sobering thought. As far-fetched as this may sound at first, we have seen many things happen in the past few years that we would have never believed could happen. To that end, there has never been a more important time to support our local farmers. Find one you like for their organic, regenerative practices, and make them your friend and your grocery store. Support them now, and they will support you in the future. Read more below for another important way you can help support your local farmers: by casting your vote against the development of Natural Asset Companies. This new type of company has been proposed as a way to buy up productive farm land and monetize its natural resource value, selling that value to other companies who want to claim they are taking steps against climate change, when all they are doing is spending money and denying others the right to use the land. Let’s not stand by and allow corporations to take precedence over real farmers. — Elizabeth Schlinsog, Board Member, Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation


A new type of company has been proposed that would exist to raise money and buy up land, such as that owned by farmers who are forced out of business, and remove it from productive use. These “Natural Asset Companies” could then quantify its resource value and sell that back (like “carbon credits”) to other companies which can afford to pay to “offset” their own environmentally damaging practices, all in the name of reducing climate change.  

Given what is happening elsewhere around the world, such as to Dutch farmers who are being forced to stop farming in order to meet nitrogen reduction targets, we are especially concerned about efforts like this taking place on our own soil. So, we want to share this important cause and give you the information you need to take action!

From Perk Advocacy & ICAN Legislate:  

“On September 27, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) submitted a proposal to the SEC to create a new type of company called a Natural Asset Company (NAC), which would exist to purchase the rights to control public and private land and permanently lock it away from human impact.  

After an unusually short 21-day public comment period, the SEC is expected to make a decision on January 2. If implemented, the proposal would have a catastrophic effect on rural economies by removing land from productive use.  

The goal of a NAC is not to make a profit, but rather to maximize the value of the land’s ‘ecological services.’ Energy extraction, modern agriculture, and other economically critical activities would disappear on NAC-protected land.”

Talking Points:

  • The creation and listing of Natural Asset Companies on the New York Stock Exchange would have a catastrophic effect on rural economies by removing land from productive use. Natural Asset Companies would raise capital to purchase public and private land, such as forests, parks, and farms, and permanently lock it away from human impact. Unlike other company types, the goal of a NAC is not to make a profit, but rather to maximize the value of the land’s “ecological services.” Consequently, many essential economic activities would be permanently barred from occurring on the land.
  • Under the proposal, private interests, including foreign-owned sovereign wealth funds, could purchase farmland and mineral-rich land and stop activities, such as grazing and energy extraction, in the name of solving climate change. This poses significant risks of encumbering natural resources and devastating rural economies by removing land from productive use.
  • Under the proposal before the SEC, you would see private interests, including foreign-owned sovereign wealth funds, purchasing productive farmland and mineral-rich land, and stopping essential economic activity such as grazing and energy extraction. Reduced production in agriculture, mining, and oil, means higher prices on food and energy, especially harming those who can least afford it.



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