What’s Age Got To Do With It?

Whenever I hear someone my age (52) or even younger say what they can’t do because of their age, I shut my ears. I’m like Teflon and I don’t let it stick. I just won’t receive it.

I’ve known abuse and abandonment. I’ve suffered loss. I’ve overcome depression and anxiety. I’ve recovered from a debilitating disease.

What the h*ll does age have on me?

Yes, I’m getting older and I love the age I am. I’m wiser and more practical. I’m more confident and take no BS. I no longer care what ppl think..
I also love deeper and have given up the pointless fights.

And though I’m getting older, I refuse to get old. I will keep my youthful mind and heart, I will continue to dream and set goals.
I will feed my youthful spirit. I will continue to stay fit and eat well..

I will continue to have fun breaking boundaries, overcoming obstacles, taking new adventures

Age is just a freakin’ number. It’s up to us to decide how old we are.

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