What’s Missing in Your Cardio Workout?

It’s simple, yet I see it rarely done..

Hit the gym and you’ll see folks on the treadmill with the incline on Lvl 10 and speed at max – and holding on for dear life!!
Or the elliptical, the stepper, etc hanging onto the bars.

What’s wrong with this picture?
They’re not using their arms!

If you want to increase your intensity, you don’t have to increase the difficulty, speed, or incline.

Just pump your arms! This will raise your heart rate, burn more calories, and adds in a great upper body workout.
For a little extra bonus, add wrist weights.

Plus, it increases lymph system drainage, helping to remove toxins from the body.

On the flip side, if your heart rate is too high, don’t just stop moving (that’s a recipe for passing out), just lower your arms as you continue to move your legs. Your heart rate will safely come down.

So, unless you have stability issues, let go of the bars and pump those arms!

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