Get Fit the Primitive Way

If you need some variety in your work out, go primitive.

Our ancestors were fit without any fancy equipment. They moved in a way that supported their lives, gave them the strength and mobility they needed to survive and thrive.

Here’s a sneak peak of some exercises from my Wise & Wild Warrior – Primitive Movement Foundations Class.

Add them into your next workout. Have fun and do them outside.

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See exercise notes below video

Wise & Wild Warrior Foundations Exercises

This full-body primitive movement workout will def. challenge you. Building strength, flexibility, and mindfulness.

✔️12 Beast walks
✔️12 knee stand/ sits
✔️12 Backward Beast
✔️12 swivels
✔️30sec of deep squats.

Repeat circuit 3x total

👉Work on keeping neutral alignment throughout
👉Control each movement
👉Focus on deep 3D breathing (think of expanding your breath thru the sides,front, and back of your ribcage)
👉In your Deep Squat, press thru the feet and resist “sinking into” the squat and make sure your knees are in line with your toes


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