I Totally Didn’t Feel It Today!

I spent approximately 15 mins arguing with myself this morning whether to workout or not.

I have a super busy day today and working out was not on the top of my list.

I finally said, “Okay, just give it 10.”
I decided to workout for just 10 mins and then if I wanted to stop, I could stop.

So I gave it my 10, and then 10 ended up becoming 20 😀 (and if I hadn’t wasted time arguing with myself, how much more time I could have spent working out. Geez).

After, I feel energized and proud of myself. Even though I didn’t do my usual time, I didn’t give into excuses.

The thing is once we make an excuse for why we “can’t” one day, it’s easier to find excuses the next day.

And pretty soon, we end up completely giving up on our healthy habits.

On those crazy days, just give it 10 or even just 5 mins.

Most importantly just do something, stay in your groove, and keep your healthy habits growing.

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