I am so excited to announce that I am returning to making videos again with my new show, SPBTV!

You may remember me from the wit and wisdom of beloved characters such Rhonda, Nurse Betty, Frau, Marilyn Monroe, and others from my Restrained No More show!

Well SPBTV is my new show chock-full of ideas, tools, tips, and strategies to help you take action and create a life you love!

Here’s where I get to share my personal journey with you and how I went from being an overstressed and overweight workaholic to a Super-Powered B*tch who took control of her life and is now living a life by design. Life 2.0

But, who knows, maybe some of the old characters may pay us a visit… I’m always up for a good song and dance.

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Look forward to seeing you again!

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